Here you can see an example of a wedding menu prepared by Pol-Trans Catering:

- Greeting:
Bread with salt and a glass of champagne

- Starter:
Smoked trout on a light salad with cocktail tomatoes

- Soup:
Cream of asparagus soup with golden croutons

- Main course:
Beef roulade, roast turkey fillet with mushrooms and cheese, veal in chanterelle sauce,
Poultry sirloins
Silesian dumplings
Boiled potatoes spread with fennel
Boiled vegetable bouquet with butter
A set of three salads

- Dessert:
Strawberry sorbet with pistachio nuts and vanilla ice-cream
Three kinds of cake on tables / 2 pieces per person

- Cold snacks:
A set of roast meats
Platters of cheeses
Salmon roulade on spinach sponge cake
Roast pates
Bacon roulades
Hot wings
Ham roulades with horseradish mousse
Jellied poultry
Different kinds of herrings
Fish balls in vinegar
Fish a la Greek
Eggs stuffed with various pastes
A set of Polish pickles
Caprese salad with mozzarella and tomatoes
Broccoli salad with crunchy croutons
Salad with shrimps

- First supper:
Beetroot soup with roast ravioli

- Second supper:
Stuffed chicken legs
Cone-shaped chips
Bundles of green and yellow string bean

- Wedding cake:
A wide choice from a catalogue or according to a client’s order

- Third supper:
Cream of sour rye soup with meat balls
Beef Stroganoff

- Cold soft drinks:
No limits / accounts settled after consumption

- Alcoholic drinks:
Own share or delivered by Pol-Trans Catering and accounts settled after consumption

- Décor :
Fresh flowers in high vases (can be composed according to a client’s order) and flower decorations in a wedding reception ballroom

Dear Clients:
All dishes served during the ceremony/event are prepared by our cooks. It can guarantee the highest quality, excellent taste and freshness of served meals.
Waiter service will assure comfort and high quality of the reception organization. For children aged between 4 and 8 we offer a special menu at half price.

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